Friday, June 6, 2014

Embellished Makeup Train Case and Embellished Toolkit

Welcome to my new blog,

If you follow my other blog you will know that I like to try new stuff and that I sometimes get bored with the new stuff.  Hopefully, this will not be the case, because I have invested a lot of money on supplies, etc. LOL. In this blog, I would love it if you follow me as I take my journey on my newest venture ..... Makeup Artistry. I'm sure that I'm going to make many mistakes and eventually get it right.

I never thought that I would get into this makeup thing. I guess I'm tired of being the only woman in the world that doesn't know how to apply makeup. Better late, than never! I figured there was no better way to learn then from a professional, so I enrolled in a six week program at Bennett Career Institute in Washington, DC. The class was taught by Abrilla Mackey. She is not only an excellent instructor, she a talented photographer, and fabulous jewelry maker. I couldn't believe a novice like me would ever get it.  Let's say that she has the patience of Job! Trust me, I'm not a MAC Pro, but with the skills that I've learned I can be one day.

Below are some ways to contact her or check out her work:

Now back to what I'm really good at (crafting and making stuff look good) LOL. During the 6 week class I embellished my train case. Some of you know that the plain ole silver one just wouldn't cut it. LOL. Check out how I blinged out my case below:

I used  Red Glitter Duck Tape, Large Red Rhinestone from Hobby Lobby, an X- Acto knife (to trim the edges), and my trusty E6000 Adhesive.

Silver Train Case

Embellished Train Case

Embellished Train Case #2

Embellished Train Case #3

After several field trips to various Makeup Stores, I ran out of space and needed to upgrade to a larger train case. I didn't want to spend to much money on a large rolling train case, so Ms. Abrilla recommended a rolling tool kit. I purchased the rolling toolkit from Home Depot (quite spacious) for around $35.00.

Stanley Toolkit

Stanley Toolkit #2

Stanley Toolkit #3

OMG, something else to decorate! You know that I couldn't just drag this plain thing around, not when I have so many supplies just sitting in the house. LOL. I had the red spray paint. I purchased the storage containers and decals from the Dollar Tree. Anyway, I decorated it and I love it. By the way, I forgot to spray paint the yellow button on the top of the case. Oh well, I'm done with this project. LOL! For about $50.00 I now have a funky fabulous rolling makeup kit. Enjoy! 

Embellished Toolkit

Embellished Toolkit #2

Embellished Toolkit #3

Embellished Toolkit #4

Embellished Toolkit #5

Embellished Toolkit #6

Embellished Toolkit #7

Embellished Toolkit #8


Storage #2

Storage #3

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